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You get everything from us from “one stop shop!” and this with over 20 years of experience in IT and e-commerce. A simple website including your domain, SSL, hosting and search engine optimization.

Up to a professional online shop with internet marketing. Such as Google Adwords, affiliate, price comparison, social media and much more.

You can also expand with us. We connect you to platforms, or selling via Amazon, eBay & Co, or additionally Europe wide shipment.

With the perfect online system, you receive all the trade, shipping, warehousing and logistics processes automated up to 99%. If you need, we also support you with legal documents which have been examined by lawyers. We can connect you also with an external logistics partner.

If you need help with your internal technical processes, we are happy to help you.

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Web design
with full service

You will get a modern web design and all important parts for your success in the internet directly from 1×1.

Your website we make with responsive web design that it works perfectly on all devices.

Only if your web design is also optimized for search engines you will be successful, that’s why SEO is already included.


Beratung rund um Webdesign

Professional consultation

Tell us your current status and your goals. From there we will check all of your options.

Then we will make you’re your dream a reality by creating the web design and programming your internet presence.

wir analysieren Ihr Webdesign

Web design analyzes

The analysis of a web page is the starting point of every design. If you have an existing website, we will analyze it, as well as your online competition. Assessing this is important so that we can define the strategies for the future with you.

Search Engine optimization

Each of our packages and offers includes an analysis of your industry and keywords, and we will optimize your website accordingly. Search engine optimized websites are a basic requirement for us.

Content Ihrer Webseite

Content for your website

We give you simple rules regarding the content of your texts and what you have to look out for so that your site has good content. For the content you are the expert, because nobody knows more about your industry than you.

Webdesign mit Corporate Identity

Web design

In order to achieve 100% corporate identity (CI), we create your website according to your colours and designs. If you do not have a logo or design, we will also take care of your logo design and customize the web design accordingly.

wir optimieren Ihre Webseite

Webite optimization

You get your website optimized with the current Google standards and trends. After completing and examining the website, you will receive an external quality assurance report.


Professional web design, domain, SSL and hosting with unbeatable conditions.

For online shops and larger projects please ask us.


Why web design 1x1

Because you not only receive technical web design from us, but you also benefit from our extensive experience of more than 20 years in the field of IT, web design and eCommerce.

Our mission is to spare you from technical terms so that you can concentrate on your basic business.

Whether we build a private website or a large project for you, we always strive for perfection because we know that every millisecond and better placement on the Internet has a massive impact.

That’s why we set our standard higher than the competition. It is a basic requirement for us that you get a good country domain, such as .co.uk, .de, .es, or even .com with fast hosting and secure encryption (SSL). A neatly designed website, ranked 150th in the Google ranking and thus unsuccessful, is out of the question for us. And that’s why you get with 1×1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) already included.

The same is of course also true for large professional projects where it is also important that you get the newest and best online shop technology. As well as maximum digital marketing, selling via Amazon, eBay and Europe-wide shipping, because you are best placed on the Internet, if you use all the possibilities of marketing and all distribution channels.

In connection with this, we will also advise you in choosing the right online management system and, if necessary, we will contact the right fulfilment logistics partner. That everything runs automatically.

Success on the internet is a puzzle and we put it together with you.

EUR for a small weekly advertisement in a regional newspaper


growth per year in Internet trade

only once. You can start with your own website and you are present in the Internet

Why a website

For example, the smallest advertisement in a regional newspaper costs 27 € per week, with 52 weeks per year it will cost 1411 €. The circulation of the newspaper of our example are only 4.000 copies. On this way you can reach a maximum of only 4,000 readers, but these are only readers, not for sure interesting in.

On average, every branch of industry has 1-10 million searches per month in the Internet. Depending on the industry and product, you can reach several 10,000 interested people and potential customers.

Like this you can achieve much more with your own website and low cost instead through newspapers.

With the Internet, you can quickly increase your business locally and regionally. As well as national and international, because the Internet does not have borders. Internet commerce currently has 20% growth per year and generates € 417 billion in sales in Europe.


A website is like a local shop and there the location is decisive in addition to the optics. For a web page, this means that in addition to the design, the positioning is important where you are found on Google.

With the right search engine optimization (SEO) your ranking is secured on Google. Of course, this means considerably more visitors and in addition, more clients and more success for you.


search with Google


search on the 1st site

Work with us

Whatever you want to realize on the internet, just ask us.

We are happy to help and make you a non-binding offer.

All our cost estimates are of course free and without obligation.

Who we are

We started in 1996 in Internet with selling office supplies and this gained our extensive experience. From 0 to 100, we peaked at 1.1 million annual sale, shipped 2,500 packages per month, and at the end we had 80,000 customers. Since the sale of the company in 2014 after an offer from a manufacturer, we concentrate on web design and e-commerce, to help clients to start and grow in internet.

As a result, we see many things primarily from the point of view of Internet customers and allow this to flow into our cooperation with you. With our practice, we understand you as an entrepreneur, see you from a completely different perspective and of course your potential on the Internet. We know all the positive aspects, as well as enough points you must pay attention to.

In addition to our own team of Webdesign 1×1, we have a whole network of experts who specialize in different emphases in eCommerce. For every challenge and task we manage all for you with the right contact person.

Harald Nieke
Director of e-commerce
eCommerce consultant for a Swiss manufacturer.
EU manager for an international brand and consultant for e-commerce markets in USA and Australia with production in Asia.
Founder & CEO web design 1×1

Peter Linder
IT specialist with studies at FH Aachen
Telecommunications technician and data processing at the army
PC technician master, multimedia, hardware, software and sales
IT Business Informatics, Web Design SEO and AdWords
Founder & CEO Webdesign 1×1

We offer a web design solution for everyone: no matter if small, medium or large companies, or public institutions. Our web design offer consists of a complete all-round service package where you enjoy top priority. Creativity and professionalism characterize our company. Starting with the hosting and the creation of the web layout, the programming and live circuit of the website or the revision of an existing website to the maintenance of the website. As well as the perfect security for your website and the optimization for search engines. In addition, you can enjoy our full service with high quality for your individual needs.

Alle anderen nötigen Printmedien, wie zum Beispiel Visitenkarten und Flyer, werden exakt auf Ihr Corporate Identity abgestimmt und runden das gesamte Leistungsangebot ab.


frequently asked questions


The content of a web page is starting with the naming of the navigation over the texts up to pictures and videos. Good content must be informative, useful and unique. In addition to gaining customers and presenting your company, your content needs to consider some important points for search engine optimization.

Corporate Identity

Or short CI is the entirety of features that characterize a company and differentiate it from other companies. The corporate identity is thus the image of the company.


A domain is simply an Internet address, such as “your-name.com”. A domain is a globally unique name for a delineated section of the Internet, such as a web page. The component of the domain behind the dot is called the Top Level Domain and indicates whether a website is from a particular country, such as “co.uk” for the United Kingdom, “de” for Germany, or “es” for Spain.


Electronic commerce, including Internet trading, online trading or e-commerce, refers to buying and selling via the Internet. The order process is completed by placing the order online and confirming it. Electronic commerce is a part of the internet economy in every sense.


Fulfilment is the complete process of order processing in the area of eCommerce. In fulfilment logistics, an external logistics company handles all logistical tasks so that the operator of an online shop can concentrate on his main business.


Web hosting is the rental of web space as well as the hosting of websites on the web server of an Internet service provider.


A keyword is the search term that Internet users type into the search box of a search engine. The search volume and the evaluation of the respective keywords are again important for SEO.

Responsive Webdesign

Responsive web design is the creation of web pages so that they can respond to the characteristics of the end device which is used, especially smartphones and tablet computers, to display them optimally.


Search engine optimization, or short SEO, refers to measures that serve to make websites appear in the search results of search engines with good position and get more visitors. Optimization involves many factors, including optimizing text, images and videos.


A sitemap is the complete structured representation of all subpages of a web page. The sitemap also shows the hierarchical links of the pages. Sitemaps have an essential function for search engine optimization.


The technology of SSL ensures on a web page that the sending and receiving of data is encrypted using a special procedure and therefore secure. Without encryption by SSL, data exchange takes place in plain text. In this case, data could be intercepted and read on the way between the sender and the recipient. You can recognize an encrypted connection at the green lock next to the internet address in your browser.


If you can not find your answers please use our contact form.
“The internet is like a wave. Either you learn to swim or you go under. ”
William „Bill“ Henry Gates III

Founder, Microsoft Corporation